Discover the story of BEAR snacks


Just like you, BEAR cares about our environment and the impact BEAR is having as a business. BEAR’s not perfect, but continues to do its best to improve.

BEAR CAREs ABOUT packaging

BEAR regularly reviews packaging to ensure the most sustainable materials are selected and also minimises the amount used and transported. BEAR is striving to make 100% of its packaging recyclable by 2025. Packaging is consistently considered to reduce the amount of material used to minimise waste – this is called product to packaging ratio. With small changes BEAR has made over the last few years, BEAR has saved 15 tonnes of paper – that’s equivalent in weight to 50 grizzly bears!!

BEAR CAREs ABOUT FRUIT ANd making delicious REAL Fruit snacks

BEAR makes yoyos and other fruit snacks in an area local to where much of the fruit is grown. BEAR uses slightly wonky (but delicious), wholesome fruit that would otherwise not be sold on the fresh market, and in doing so reduces food waste.

BEAR’s products are barely processed and the real fruit yoyos are rolled by hand! BEAR’s level of product care needs a lot of hands to implement so BEAR is proud to be a big employer in rural South Africa where the yoyos are made, offering opportunity to many who would have otherwise struggled to find work. BEAR is helping provide independent income to families so our employees can care for their loved ones.

bear cares about its footprint

Wherever possible, BEAR ships products rather than flying them, to minimise carbon footprint.

At our factory where BEAR Yoyos, Paws and Bites are made, up to 75% of our electricity consumption can be generated from solar panels during the daytime.

BEAR CAREs about
its employees

BEAR’s employees live by a set of values that ensures they respect themselves, each other, and the world around them. BEAR’s aim is to create an inclusive company culture that is engaged in the community and values empathy with others.

The health and well-being of BEAR’s employees is always a key priority and BEAR supports this with flexible working to help employees manage their work-life balance. BEAR also have a social and culture committee, to ensure everyone has fun along the way!