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BEAR Educates

BEAR wants to speak to consumers about our BEARilliant world and everything BEAR is doing to love and protect our planet. BEAR is determined to use every opportunity to inspire the next generation to live the best lives they can.


BEAR’s collectable cards excite and delight cubs with amazing facts and fun pictures. Card themes including human history, global cultures, sports, science and geography have inspired card collecting cubs to be curious and engaged with our wonderful

BEAR’s current cards use pictures, facts and puzzles to help nurture our young consumers’ understanding of wildlife and their habitats. BEAR wants the next generation to be inspired and engaged about the environment and everything that calls planet Earth home.

What do your cubs love learning about? Give us a grrrowl and let us know!  


We are proud to be members of the award-winning OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label) scheme to help make it easier for responsible cubs like yourselves to dispose of your packaging correctly and with confidence.


BEAR creates its snacks from real fruit making life easier for parents who want a nutritious snack for their cubs. BEAR communicates clearly on its packaging the nutritious benefits of its snacks and highlights the 100% natural ingredients with no added nonsense value.

BEAR speaks to children about the importance of healthy eating. Working directly with schools BEAR has inspired and empowered 5-7 year olds (+ their parents & teachers) by creating real fun, engaging and informative curriculum-linked assembly guides, lesson plans and take-home booklets supporting teachers to educate pupils and their families on healthy eating and managing a balanced diet.

and also bear listens...

BEAR has listened to the issues that matter to its consumers and have made progress reducing unnecessary waste.

We’ve reduced the thickness of our single pack paper saving 1.5 tonnes of material per year.

We’ve reduced the height of our cartons. The space saving means we can transport more efficiently reducing road miles.

We’ve switched our printed paper based give-aways to new digital alternatives saving nearly 5 tonnes of paper and card.