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Where to find BEAR cards

There is a BEAR card in each pack of yoyos and fruit splits for cubs to collect and trade!

Ready, set, G          RRR ow with BEAR!

BEAR wants cubs to be excited about GRRRowing their own strawberries and carrots, and is giving cubs the chance to claim FREE seeds! Collect 3 unique codes found on the inside opening panel from 3 multipacks of BEAR GRRRow yoyos to claim your seeds by entering these below.

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Bear Grrrow Strawberry Multipack with iphone and BEAR adventure app open

Grrreat fun on the BEAR app

Track and collect
your cards

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How to scan

every card has a unique code on the back to scan!

Tap 'Scan A Card'

Scan the qr code!

Open BEAR Adventure

More of BEAR's adventures and activities can be found in the app

for GRRRown ups...

  • the BEAR Adventure app has been made for every cub. No personal data or names are captured

  • cubs can keep track and house their virtual BEARilliant Beast cards

  • discover the answers to the puzzles found on the back of cards

  • discover a range of REAL fun activities in BEAR’s activity cave