How to fuel your fun!

How to fuel your fun!

Summer is coming up and as far as our little cubs are concerned the most important thing is having fun! But it’s just as important to nourish and fuel them properly – so they can enjoy themselves, make happy memories and feel great.  

When planning a fun day out that’s going to involve lots of physical activity – like Go Ape which is brilliant for cubs (and adults) I advise a substantial meal 2-3 hours before hand. Ideally a meal with lots of complex carbohydrates, some protein and some healthy fats. Ideas include: 

If it’s going to be breakfast:

  • Porridge with nuts or seeds and fruit (add some grated courgette or carrot for a veggie boost!)
  • Omelette with cheese, toast and veggies on the side 
  • Granola with Greek yoghurt, fruit and nuts or seeds
  • Wholegrain toast with eggs and some veggies

If it’s going to be lunch:

  • Pasta (choose wholegrain for extra fibre) with any sauce you like. Pesto or Bolognese are good choices 
  • Grilled chicken wrap with veggies and potato wedges 
  • Rice stir fry with veggies and prawns 
  • Beef or chicken burger with potato wedges and veggies (choose a quality burger with minimum 85% meat content and minimal ingredients with a wholegrain bun to make a favourite, healthy but fun choice).

This will fill them up for a couple of hours. Shortly before the activity, a high carbohydrate snack is a good idea to give them as an energy boost – BEAR yoyos are a great choice; they’re made with just fruit and are the perfect fuel for lots of fun. 

Also, make sure to keep them well hydrated – especially when it’s a warm day, they’re doing a physical activity and it’s easy to become dehydrated. Water is the best drink for effective hydration, if they don’t like plain water its absolutely fine to flavour it with some fruit or a little squash; and for lots of cubs having a cool water bottle makes all the difference. To stay well hydrated it’s better to regularly sip water throughout the day rather than wait to feel thirsty. Cubs often forget to drink, especially when they’re enjoying themselves so make sure you remind them regularly and have water to hand. 

So my top tips to fuel your fun: 

→ Substantial meal 2-3 hours before outing 

→ High carb snack just before physical activity 

→ Stay hydrated by regularly sipping water

Have fun! 

Eat Happy Feel Good 

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