Getting your cubs to eat their 5 a day

 Getting your cubs to eat their 5 a day

Getting your cubs to their 5 a day – the struggle is real!

We know that getting your cubs to eat ANYTHING some days is a challenge, let alone getting them to reach their 5 a day fruit and veg goals. Kids just don’t seem to reach for carrot sticks with as much enthusiasm as they do a biscuit or chocolate bar!

At BEAR we want to help parents to get as many fruits and vegetables into cubs meals as possible so we have put together a few helpful tips below:

  • BBC Good Food have got some great recipe ideas to help sneak veg into your cubs food (in clever ways so that your cubs will be none the wiser😉).  This is one way to boost vegetable in-take as a start, but try not to rely on it too much as it’s good for cubs to get used to vegetables and grow up familiar with them.
  • Another way to help making fruit and yet more appealing is to use fun tableware.  This helps to get your cubs more engaged and excited about what’s in front of them.  There’s loads of cool plates and cups available.  One of our favourites is the animal plates by Bamboo Bamboo and they come with handy sectioned out plates so you can give your younger cubs a mix of different foods, which makes it even more fun for them.  
  • Laura (Dietician and Mum to who own two cubs!) wrote a great blog post about how to make nutritious and substantial snacks (using lots of fruit and veg) which includes useful recommendations about the best time of day to give them to your cub.
  • If you’re out and about it can be trickier to give your cubs a healthy snack. We don’t always have the time to prep practical nutritious snacks beforehand – and they never seem keen on a squashed banana from the bottom of a bag! This is one of the reasons why we make BEAR Yoyos, Paws and Claws - to make the healthier choice easier for parents. All BEAR fruit snacks are 1 of your 5 a day, ready to go in portion sized packets and are made of 100% fruit & veg, absolutely nothing else. Make sure you have a few in your cupboard at home to put in your bag for the busy on the go days!

We hope this helps you on you and your cub on their 5 a day challenge!


Laura Clark
Written by: 
Laura Clark