Are we nearly there yet?

Are we nearly there yet?

Does this sound all too familiar to you!? With the summer holidays underway you might be likely to be heading off on a much needed family holiday over the next few weeks. Whether that’s a staycation in the UK or a trip abroad, I’m sure you are all looking forward to it. The only obstacle standing in your way to a few days of paradise is the journey to get there and with little cubs that can be tricky! So we have pulled together our top 5 travel hacks to keep your little cubs happy on your travels this summer.

#1 Remember to pack some activities
You can’t go wrong with having a stock of portable games or activities (like colouring in or car bingo) packed up in your bag. So if you feel you’re in danger of your little one getting a bit bored and you’re beginning to hear them growl these can be a great distraction.

#2 Don’t feel guilty about a little screen time
We at BEAR love to encourage cubs to get outdoors and get back to nature.  But we are also realistic as well! Allowing your cubs to watch one of their favourite shows or films is a great way keep them entertained, plus you’ll have loads of time to explore the outdoors when you get to your destination anyway. It’s all about living a balanced lifestyle after all!

#3 Keep hunger at bay
Food can be expensive if you are trying to feed a family and you have to stop at a motorway service station or eat in an airport. Having a few snacks packed to keep the ‘hanger’ away will make travelling a more pleasant experience for everyone!  BEAR yoyos work as a great snack for cubs while they are on the go. Zero mess (which is good especially if you’re travelling in your clean car!) plus they come with a free BEAR card which has fun facts and activities to keep your cub busy for a while…at least!

If you’re got a long car journey why don’t you pack up a picnic beforehand and plan a stop so you can break up your journey. Lunch is always more fun when it comes in picnic form, plus it will give you a rest from driving and allow the cubs to run around in nature and burn off some steam!

#4 Sports caps only!
As careful as cubs try to be, drinks with a sports cap are a grrreat way to go for travelling; it just helps avoid any spills. There so many fun reusable bottles now with sports caps to choose from.  If you want to avoid giving your cubs fizzy drinks, Laura our Dietitian suggests mixing fruit juice with soda water to make them feel a bit more grrrown up!

#5 Keep things comfortable
A comfy outfit, a pillow and a blanket are a good way to keep your cubs comfortable and relaxed. It might even encourage them to have a nap and then they will arrive at your destination in no time!

Hope that gives your some ideas and have a grrreat holiday exploring the outdoors with your family.


Photo by Max Goncharov on Unsplash

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